Dataset: Pre-Election Study on the Federal Parliament Election 1994: Policy and Party Preference


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Judgement on parties and Federal Government. Attitude to political controversies. Topics: Satisfaction with the current Federal Government; future government led by SPD and CDU/CSU as prerequisite for positive effects on economic development; preferred party (pair comparison); attitude to speed limit, the so-called "large bugging operation", job creation programs and assumed ability of the parties in these controversies; assessment of the probability of taking seats in the Federal Parliamentby the FDP, Alliance 90/Greens and PDS; coalition preference; intent to participate in the election; party preference and voting intent (first and second votes); residential status; presence at home in the last four days; possession of a telephone and type of telephone connection (double connection); number of telephone numbers in household; connection of fax and modem for PC; ISDN connection; inclusion of telephone number in telephone book; union membership; employment in the civil service.

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Pre-Election Study on the Federal Parliament Election 1994: Policy and Party Preference


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Pre-Election Study on the Federal Parliament Election 1994: Policy and Party Preference

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F.U. Pappi, Affiliation: Mannheimer Zentrum für Europäische Sozialforschung, Mannheim
in Zusammenarbeit mit: M. Berger, M. Jung, D. Roth, Forschungsgruppe Wahlen, Mannheim
W.G. Gibowski, Affiliation: Bundespresseamt, Bonn
M. Kaase, H.D. Klingemann, Affiliation: Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin
M. Küchler, Affiliation: Hunter College New York
H.A. Semetko, Affiliation: Syracuse University


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Zentralarchiv für Empirische Sozialforschung an der Universität zu Köln ZA


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Political Attitudes and Behavior


Research area: FRG.

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October 1994

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Infratest Sozialforschung, Muenchen

Sampling Procedure

Multi-stage stratified random sample of persons of German citizenship 18 years old and older

Mode of Data Collection

Oral survey with standardized questionnaire

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ZA2600_fb.pdf (Questionnaire)

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The study is part of an omnibus survey.

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Nesstar 200801


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