Dataset: Election Study 1990 (Trend Investigation)


A cumulated data set of the Politbarometers for 1990. Judgement on parties and politicians. Attitude to current political questions. While the judgement on parties and politicians was replicated identically at all survey times, the formulation of current political questions varied in the individual survey months.

most important problems in the Federal Republic; satisfaction with democracy; party preference (Sunday question and rank order procedure); party inclination and party identification; behavior at the polls in the last Federal Parliament election; time of voting decision; self-assessment on a left-right continuum; preference for one-party government or coalition preference; most important politicians; sympathy scale for the parties and top politicians; satisfaction with the achievement of the Federal Government and the achievements of the opposition parties; preference for federal chancellor; preferred top candidate of the SPD; satisfaction with the election result; expected chances for and point in time of a reunification; attitude to unification of the two German nations and judgement on unification progress; attitude to a public opinion poll in connection with unification; attitude to the visit by Modrow in the Federal Republic; attitude to economic aid for the GDR dependent on reforms; perceived intervention of FRG politicians in GDR reforms; understanding for emigrants from the GDR; expected disadvantages in jobs and housing through emigrants; residential status; judgement on privileges for emigrants and the speed of reform in the GDR; expected advantages and disadvantages for the West German population through unification; judgement on point in time and exchange rate of the DM {German Mark} at introduction in the GDR; approval of financial aid for the GDR even with tax increases in the FRG; support for the unification policies of Kohl or Lafontaine; preference for capital city and preferred seat of government and Federal Parliament; attitude to the Oder-Neisse border and to the GDR's becoming a part of the FRG through the article in the constitution; assessment of the worth of improving the constitution and of the need for a new constitution in a united Germany; job worries; judgement on democracy in the Federal Republic and attitude to socialism; attitude to a candidacy of the PDS for the Federal Parliament and electibility of the PDS; attitude to the date for the first all-German election on 2 December and preference for a postponement of the election date; self-assessment of extent to which informed about the unification contract; issue relevance and issue competence of the parties; preference for Lafontaine or Engholm as SPD chairman; influence of opinion polls on one's own voting decision and interest in political surveys; most important election campaign topic; attitude to the Americans' sending troops to the Gulf region; attitude to a military intervention in the Gulf region and to sending German troops; personal retrospect on the last year and prospect for the coming year; religiousness.

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Election Study 1990 (Trend Investigation)

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Election Study 1990 (Trend Investigation)

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Forschungsgruppe Wahlen, Mannheim

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GESIS Data Archive for the Social Sciences GESIS - Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences, Cologne, Germany GESIS

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Political Attitudes and Behavior


Research area: FRG incl. West Berlin.

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January 1990 to December 1990

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Forschungsgruppe Wahlen, Mannheim

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Random selection of eligible voters living in private households with
a telephone.
Sample according to the RLD procedure (randomize last digit)

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Telephone interview with standardized questionnaire

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The Politbarometers present a monthly trend survey, commissioned by the second German television (ZDF). The Politbarometers for 1990 are archived under ZA Study Nos. 1921 to 1931 and in cumulation under ZA Study No. 1920. Further Politbarometers are archived under ZA Study Nos. 1053 to 1063, 1277 to 1281, 1469 to 1479, 1677, 1687 to 1696 as well as 1768 to 1779.

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Nesstar 200801


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